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Adverse Camber at Lancaster Music Festival 2015

I’ve had this double bass duo for some years with Ken Johnston. Recently we’ve supplemented it with ex-Swerve drummer Richard Rushton. Lancaster Music Festival is a grassroots event that celebrates each October the live music scene in the city’s pubs and clubs—and extends the scene to include venues from bookshops to banks to the historic castle, as well as several open stages in the city’s historic squares. It’s funded, it wants you to know, as it’s stated on the website homepage, ‘without any outside grants and no public money.’

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.33.54The seventh annual festival this year featured nearly 200 musicians, over 40 venues, 350 performances—and planned for 50,000 visitors to the city. The buzz generated this year around the centre was quite something, music and musicians everywhere. As it happens Adverse Camber were the very final act on in this year’s programme. Below are a couple of fine photographs taken by the festival photographer last night. (When I know his name I’ll add a credit.) By the way, the pub we were playing in, The Robert Gillow, is like the hub of the festival, and was open 24 hours a day over the duration.

Adverse Camber & drums Lancaster Music Festival 2015

Adverse Camber, Lancaster Music Festival 2015


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Swerve Trio, live, 2015, ‘Willow weep for me’

Here, from January 2015, is a live version of the 1932 ballad written by by Ann Ronell, ‘Willow weep or me’. I’ve always loved the song via Billie Holiday, and wanted to include it in the Swerve setlist. The bassline-cum-arrangement I’d come up with years ago (I mean c. 1986 or so), when I played a duet gig with my dad in Norwich—baritone sax and double bass—in an art gallery, and he pulled this number up. It sounded great with the bari, and the line stayed in my head over the decades until Swerve, where I hoped it would work with the soprano.


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