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EDP 1 lo-resHere is information about and some links to a few interviews with me in different languages over the years, related to my research.

  • 2017 ‘In conversation with Professor George McKay‘,  on Arts and Humanities Research Council website.
  • 2014 feature interview by Rowan Mantel, Eastern Daily Press (11 December), ‘From punk to a prof, George back in a Fine City‘.
  • 2014 interview, by Alexandra Sundqvist, about politics and gardens, in Swedish leftwing daily newspaper ETC.
  • 2011 interview, by Ana Carolina Prado, in the Brazilian magazine Revista Superinteressante, about DIY cultures.
  • The Scotsman (7 May 2011). ‘Seeds of protest’. Interview and feature written by Louisa Pearson about the author’s new book Radical Gardening. [Oh dear can’t find the link, sorry!]
  • 2009 interview in Ziniasklaida ir Politika, from Lithuania, by Dzina Donauskaite, about  grassroots politics and culture. This came from a meeting of some Lithuanian New Leftists I spoke with in Vilnius that January.
  • 2005 email roundtable discussion in the online improvised music magazine Point of Departure, about social and political readings of jazz music, with Ajay Heble, Fred Ho, Caroline Kraabel, George E. Lewis.
  • 2002 interview by Josien Pieterse in the Dutch radical magazine Kunstenaarswijzer, no. 35.

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