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Swerve TrioHere are some videos of Swerve Trio playing live. (Technical note: I use a flipcam, position it somewhere steady and secure where I hope it will pick up all the musicians, and not too much extraneous noise, turn it on and let it record for an hour until its memory runs out. I look at it on a macbook later and decide if there is a decent number in what’s filmed, and if so edit that using the flipcam’s idiot-proof software and upload it to youtube.) Numbers featured, to give an idea of the band’s repertoire and style:

  • ‘This heart of mine’, 1946 standard, live at Dukes Theatre, Lancaster, May 2012.
  • ‘Alleycat boys’, original composition by George, recorded May 2012.
  • ‘Mellipsis’, one of George’s old originals, plucked from the Glasgow archive (written c. 1990), recorded May 2012.
  • arrangement and performance of ‘St James Infirmary’, the number we opened Morecambe Jazz Club with in March 2012.
  • ‘Early winter’. Swinging improvisation, original trio composition (December 2011).
  •  ‘Footprints’. Wayne Shorter’s modern jazz waltz, extended (May 2011).
  • ‘St James’. New Orleans standard, modernised (May 2011).
  • ‘I love Paris’. Cole Porter’s number, given a bit of a two-beat stomp (June 2011).

We hope you enjoy! Let us know.

Oh, and here is a gallery of black and white images of of a 2012 Swerve gig at the Stonewell Tavern, Lancaster—one of our favourite pub live music venues—taken by photographer Valentine Archer.

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Thank you, Ken. I use a flipcam, and often will just set it up somewhere and let it run for its available 1 hour–at a gig or a rehearsal–and then see if there’s an all-round strong piece where everyone performs well and the heads in and out are good, and all the mistakes sound intended. If there is I might edit the film (just using flipcam programme, v easy) and post to YouTube. Here the film of ‘This heart of mine’ at the Dukes shows a well positioned camera, and ‘St James Infirmary’ at Morecambe Jazz Club less so … but even ‘St James’ has a kind of aesthetic choice (mistake).

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