Invitations, conference organisation, keynotes

MeCCSA 2016 logoKeynote lectures

2019: Jazz and Cultural Identity: In and Out of Europe conference, Preston Jazz Festival/UCLan, ‘British jazz festivals in sites of transatlantic slave trade heritage.’ 2019: UEA London Lecture, Regent Street Cinema, ‘Popular music and disability: different embodiments and voices from rock & roll onwards.’  2018: Burning Man and Transformational Event Cultures conference, Fribourg University, Switzerland, on festivals. 2018: KISMIF 4: Genders / Differences / Identities / DIY Cultures conference,University of Porto/Casa da Musica, ‘On Karen Carpenter: this is what it’s like being a girl in music.’ 2017: Continental Drift jazz conference, ‘Jazz and disability,’ Napier University/ Edinburgh Jazz Festival. 2016: LIKE Culture conference, lecture on utopia and community, San Sebastian. 2016: Twelve Points Festival, San Sebastian: ‘The jazz festival in Europe’, lecture and panel. 2016: MeCCSA 2016, annual conference, Canterbury Christ Church University. 2015: Westminster University, Re-Imagining Rurality conference. 2014: Stockholm, Sweden. Marabouparken, On Invasive Ground exhibition. 2014: University of Porto / Casa da Musica, Portugal. Underground Scenes and DiY Culture conference. 2013: University of Aveido, Portugal. Jazz Messengers conference, politics and European jazz.

IBACS poster 20132013: University of Murcia, Spain. Iberian Association of Cultural Studies biennial conference. Theme: Politics and Space. 2013: Oxford Brookes University: symposium on Crass and Anarchopunk: keynote discussant. 2013: Connected Communities Showcase, London: An Evening with George McKay, Spitalfields City Farm. 2013: University of West of Scotland: Imagining Possibilities conference on participatory arts, AHRC Connected Communities project: ‘keynote listener’. 2012: dOCUMENTA13, Kassel, Germany. Lecture, ‘Multispecies and Seeds’ during the closing conference of the event. 2012: Freie Garten Akademie no. 8, Münster, Germany: Lecture: ‘Horticounterculture’. 2012: Universities of Edinburgh / Glamorgan, Live Music Exchange, AHRC industry / academic conference, Supporting Live Music in Hard Times. Lecture: ‘Festival, place, industry, community’.

2011: Professor in Residence, Kendal Calling pop festival. Two lectures: ‘Disability and pop’, ‘The cultural politics of gardens’. 2010: University of Bath, ESRC Festival of Social Science event, Bringing the Party Home: Festivals and Free Live Music Exchange Parties: a Multimedia Event: ‘Researching the cultural politics of popular music festivals’. 2009: Glasgow School of Art annual conference: ‘Crippled with nerves: punks, freaks and disabled pop’. 2008Music and the Meaning of Place conference, University of Technology, Sydney: ‘A soundtrack to the insurrection: street music and the place of protest’. 2008: Community Music East, Art 4 All conference, Norwich: ‘Music, media and the community’.

2007Cultural Studies and Disability Network Conference, inaugural event, Liverpool JMU: ‘Crippled with nerves: popular music and disability’. 2006Authenticity: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, Salford: ‘Authenticity, popular music, subculture’. 2004Imagining Social Movements, 2nd international conference of Social and Cultural Movements Group, Edge Hill University College: ‘The cultural (musical) imaginary in/of protest in Britain’. 2004: Teaching Close Encounters? English and American Literary and Cultural Interactions. University of West of England: ‘AMATAS, cultural and literary studies’. 2002: Americanisation project international conference, closing remarks and plenary chair, UCLan. 2001Asking Questions of ‘Americanisation’: English in a Globalizing Era conference, Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland: ‘Anti-Americanism in the British peace movement and related cultures’.

Conference and research events organisation

  • 2022: Member, organising committee, Rhythm Changes #7 conference, Jazz Then & Now, Amsterdam Conservatory.
  • 2019: Lead organiser, Street Music conference, UEA/Norwich.
  • 2019: Member, organising committee, Rhythm Changes #6 conference, Jazz Journeys, University of Performing Arts, Graz, Austria.
  • 2018: KISMIF 4: Genders / Differences / Identities / DIY Cultures conference, Porto, member of scientific committee.
  • 2018: Organiser, New Perspectives in Participatory Arts conference, UEA.
  • 2017: Co-organiser, Reggae Research Network final conference, London.
  • 2017: Member, organising committee, Rhythm Changes #5 conference, Re-Sounding Jazz, Amsterdam Conservatory.
  • 2017: Organiser, Global Challenges Research Fund and Collaborative Research conference, UEA.
  • 2017: Organiser, Punk in the Provinces public symposium, Norwich Arts Centre.
  • 2017: Member, organising committee, CHIME conference, Music, Festival, Heritage, Siena.
  • 2017: Co-organiser, Litcom 1: Literature and Communities conference, Writers’ Centre, Norwich.
  • 2017: Lead organiser, Reggae Research Network, AHRC symposium, UEA.
  • 2016: Organiser, Utopia and Connected Communities conference, British Library.
  • 2016: Co-organiser, Jazz and the City symposium, South Bank Centre, EFG London Jazz Festival.
  • 2016: Member, organising committee, KISMIF punk studies conference, Porto.
  • 2016: Organiser, Changing the Future Research Landscape? A Connected Communities Early Career Researcher Conference, UEA. 
  • Jazz Utopia conference logo2016: Organiser, Research (Jazz) Festivals: A Day of Ideas and Discussion, Cheltenham Jazz Festival.
    2016: Member, organising committee, Jazz Utopia, 4th international Rhythm Changes jazz conference, Birmingham City University.
  • 2015: Lead organiser, Soundings and Findings: A Connected Communities Research Conference, UEA.
  • 2015: Organiser, Festival Cultures one-day conference, UEA.  
  • 2014: Co-organiser, Archiving and Connected Communities symposium, MediaCityUK, Salford.
  • 2014: Member, organising committee, Jazz Without Borders conference, University of Amsterdam.
  • 2014: Organiser, Carnivalising Pop music festivals and media symposium, Salford.
  • 2014: Cheltenham Jazz Festival: curator of AHRC panels and events (4).
  • IASPM 20122014: Organiser, film and panel of jazz festival directors and researchers entitled Carnivalising the Creative Economy, AHRC Creative Economy Showcase, King’s Place, London.
  • 2013: Co-organiser, Thinking with Jazz symposium, Royal Festival Hall, London Jazz Festival. 
  • 2013: Digital Economy2013, All Hands meeting, University of Salford, programme committee member (reviewing papers), and AHRC workshop organiser: ‘Digital communities’.
  • 2013: Salford Media Festival, AHRC panel organiser: community media.
  • 2013: Member, organising committee, Rethinking Jazz Cultures, Rhythm Changes project summative international conference, University of Salford. 
  • 2012: Lead organiser, Imagining Communities Musically: Putting Popular Music in its Place, International Association for the Study of Popular Music (UK and Ireland) biennial conference, Salford. 
  • 2011: Member, organising committee, Jazz and (Post)national Identities conference, University of Amsterdam. 
  • meccsa-2011-conference-logo2011: Organiser, Community Music: A Symposium, AHRC Connected Communities event, Salford. 
  • 2011: Lead organiser, Media Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) annual conference, Salford. 
  • 2009: Member, organising committee, Mediating Jazz international conference, Salford. 
  • 2008: Director and co-organiser, Society & Lifestyles EU FP6 project summative international conference, Salford. 
  • 2008: Member, organising commSociety and Lifestyles conference, 2008, Salfordittee, New Jazz Histories symposium, Salford. 
  • 2006: Co-organiser, Media Practice: Peer Review and Evaluation conference, Salford. 
  • 2004: Co-organiser, cultures @ uclan, a one-day conference bringing together researchers in the creative and cultural industries from across the university, UCLan. 
  • 2003: Co-organiser, Cultures and Histories: Research Symposium, a one-day conference launching the new Department of Humanities, UCLan. 
  • 2002: Co-organiser, Americanisation and the Teaching of American Studies project international conference, UCLan. 
  • 2000: Workshop organiser, EAAS conference, Graz, Austria: No Compromise in Defence of Mother Earth: Eco-radicalism in the USA and Europe. 
  • 1995: Organiser, Utopian Studies Society annual conference, Utopia and America, UCLan.
  • 1994: Workshop organiser, EAAS conference, Luxembourg: All-American Popular Culture?
  • 1992-1996: Co-chair, Cultural Studies Research Seminar Programme, UCLan. 
  • 1990-1991: Co-chair, Department of English Research Seminar Programme, University of Glasgow.

Visiting and ‘in residence’ positions

  • 2014: Professor in Residence, EFG London Jazz Festival.
  • 2011: Professor in Residence, Kendal Calling pop festival.
  • 2008: University of Sydney, International Visiting Fellowship.
  • 1996: University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, British Council visiting scholar.
  • 1994: University of Southern Maine, USA, visiting scholar.

Other invitations

Time & Place + text

2021:  Victoria and Albert Museum, Glastonbury At 50: advisor to online day conference. 2021: Restoration Trust: online talk about music and disability for UK arts and mental health charity. 2021: Yarmouth Springs Eternal festival, PrimeYarc project, Great Yarmouth: ‘10 years of Radical Gardening.’ 2021: London Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, adviser and contributor to online public seminar on protest, CND and music, other speakers include Bruce Kent and Penny Rimbaud. 2020: Europe Jazz Network, online panel discussion series, on jazz and health in Covid times: ‘How long has this been going on?’ Other speakers Francesco Martinelli, François Mattarasso. 2020: Norfolk Disability Pride Day, online talk/Q&A, on the history and future of music and disability. 2019: East Anglian Festivals Network, annual conference, presentation on the impact of festivals. 

2018: House of Parliament, Westminster, 2018 Disability History Month launch event, speaker. 2018: Lisbon, Europe Jazz network conference. 2017: Ljubljana, Europe Jazz Network conference. 2016: Institute of Jazz Studies, Graz, Jazzforschung advisory panel member. 2016: Wroclaw, European Jazz Network conference, European jazz research network panel member. 2016: Prague, HERA Joint Research Programme conference, chair, knowledge transfer discussion. 2016: Edinburgh Jazz Festival/Napier University conference, Places and Scenes panel chair. 2016: Leeds, Remembering Oluwale Day, Gardening and Freedom panel member. 2016: Lincoln University, Heritage Network symposium, speaker. 2015: University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, research seminar. 2015: Manchester University, conference on music scholarship Classics Revisited, session discussing Circular Breathing. 2015: Cheltenham Jazz Festival, AHRC panel chair. 2015: University of Birmingham, Arts & Science Festival, public lecture. 

2014: Tunis Science City / British Council, Tunisia, presentation on UK research collaboration. 2014: Manchester University, AHRC DTP Postgraduate Opening Day, panel member. 2014: Cheltenham Jazz Festival, ‘British jazz festivals’ lecture and discussion with Artistic Advisor. 2014: Cheltenham Jazz Festival, lecture and chair, ‘Jazz legends: Winifred Atwell and John Coltrane’. 2014: Manchester Metropolitan University, presentation on Connected Communities. 2014: Birmingham City University, media and culture research seminar. 2014: Salford, Arts & Media research seminar programme, paper. 2013: Lancaster Jazz Festival, lecture on jazz festivals, and ‘in conversation’ with John Cumming, director, London Jazz Festival. 2013: Serious / HERA The Time and The Place festival, King’s Place London, introducing live musicians, panel discussant on ‘value of humanities research’. 2013: Institute for Cultural Capital, Liverpool: paper for El Sistema / In Harmony AHRC research network. 

2013: Erasmus University, Rotterdam: HERA-funded POPid, Rhythm Changes and International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) Knowledge Exchange event: panel discussant on Play Your Own Thing: The Story of Jazz in Europe (dir. Julian Benedikt, 2007). 2013: IFFR, Rotterdam: panel discussant for general public screening of Let the Fury Have the Hour (dir. Antonino D’Ambrosio, 2012). 2013: Erasmus University / IFFR: introduction, presentation and discussion of Glastonbury (dir. Julien Temple, 2006). 2013: Birkbeck College, University of London: AHRC Cultural Value Project,  paper and workshop discussant. 2013: University of Chester: guest lecture at Centre for Arts and Media research day. 2013: Oxford Brookes University: research seminar on Connected Communities. 2013: Connected Communities Showcase, London: panel member, Q&A discussant. 2012: JISC Collections, London, OAPEN-UK workshop contributor, open access monograph publishing project. 2012: Lancaster University / Lancaster Jazz Festival / Rhythm Changes, Thinking With Jazz symposium, Jazz and Cultural Politics panel chair. 2012: Salford, Framework for Innovation at MediaCityUK (RCUK FIRM project) workshop facilitator. 2012: AHRC Connected Communities summit, Manchester, session facilitator.

2012:  Catholic University, Eichstatt, Germany: lecture in international guest programme, Space and Movements. 2012: Working Class Movement Library, Salford: Invisible Histories series: guest speaker, Radical Gardening. 2012: Housman’s Bookshop, London: STIR magazine guest speaker, Radical Gardening. 2011: University of Amsterdam, Jazz and National Identity conference, paper, panel chair. 2011: AHRC Connected Communities summit, Glasgow, session facilitator. 2011: Garden Museum, London: VISTA lecture series, guest lecturer, Radical Gardening. 2011: Manchester Salon: guest speaker, Radical Gardening, the politics of gardens and crafts debate. 2011: One Planet Festival, The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster: guest speaker, Radical Gardening. 2011: 15th Radical Book Fair, Edinburgh: guest speaker, Radical Gardening2010: University of Leeds, AHRC Research Network, festival and performance.

2009: Salford and Cornerhouse cinema, Manchester, Polish Cinema in an International Context conference, opening remarks. 2009: Salford and Royal Northern College of Music, Mediating Jazz conference, opening remarks and panel chair. 2009: Lithuanian New Left discussion group, Vilnius, invited speaker. 2009: Salford, I Sing the Body Eclectic: Music and Health symposium, paper. 2008: Glasgow School of Art, AHRC Research Network, Not Just for Christmas, contributor. 2008: Warwick University, paper, Transnormative Cultures, CEELBAS 3rd international network conference. 2008: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Creative Media research seminar programme. 2008: Griffith University, Brisbane, Centre for Public Culture and Ideas lecture. 2008: University of Sydney, Conservatorium of Music, public lecture. 2008: Salford, New Jazz Histories colloquium, opening remarks and plenary session contributor. 2007: Salford, Regional Comedy and British Screens conference, opening remarks. 2007: Manchester University, day seminar on cultural politics and protest. 2007: Leeds College of Music, Leeds International Jazz Conference. 2007: University of Pecs, Hungary, lecture, seminar chair. 2007: Vytautus Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, lecture. 2006: Vilnius, Lithuania, Society and Lifestyles project launch, presentation. 2006: Vytautus Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, Society and Lifestyles, theory seminar. 2006: University of Lancaster, Institute for Cultural Research, research seminar. 2005: UCLan, Caribbean Research Seminar in the North. 2005: Tate Liverpool, invited lecture and plenary member, Distortions: Psychedelia and Social Crisis conference, accompanying Summer of Love exhibition. 2004: KIT 25 Years international colloquium on street performance and protest. Copenhagen International Theatre, Denmark. 2003: University of Nottingham, American and Canadian Studies, research seminar. 2003: London College of Music and Media, guest public lecture. 2003: Warwick University, Centre for Translation and Cultural Studies, research seminar. 2002: University of Wroclaw, Poland, seminar on British Cultural Studies. 2002: University of Warsaw, Poland, seminar on British Cultural Studies. 2002: LSE, Social Movements: Contestation and Cultures conference, chair. 2001Sign of the Times conference on popular protest, London, panel member. 2000: University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, lecture.

 1999: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, lecture in Civil Disobedience series. 1999: University of East London, protest culture Sociology dayschool. 1999: National Union of Students conference, Blackpool, panel member on student activism. 1999: Anarchist Research Group seminar, London. 1999: University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, lecture. 1999: LSE, Sign of the Times conference, panel member on democracy and activism. 1998: University of Edinburgh, Sociology postgraduate seminar. 1998: University College, Cork, Sociology research seminar. 1998: University of Bristol, Sociology research seminar. 1998: University of Lancaster, Centre for Social and Environmental Change, lecture. 1997: University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, lecture. 1997: Keele University, Green Direct Action in the UK conference, chair. 1996: University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, British Council Centre, lectures. 1996: BAAS, invited judge for postgraduate essay prize. 1996: City University, Signs of the Times 1996Citystates conference, chair. 1996: University of Lancaster, Centre for Social and Environmental Change, lecture. 1996: UCLan, Social Studies Student Society, guest lecture. 1991: University of Strathclyde, English Studies research seminar.

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