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When I set it up  c. 15 years ago one of the purposes of this website was to make it easier for readers, students, researchers, journalists—basically, anyone who is interested—to find out about my work, to read the books. For, yes, I do want readers. And there is also the laudable principle of open access for publicly-funded research, which all the below kind of is.

Here I collect together on one page versions of the books and reports of mine that are available in open access form, i.e. free for you to use, or freely available extracts at the very least. All of these links are also elsewhere on the website but I’m putting them together here, under the page title ‘open access’, to make the point that I’m committed to open access and to raise their visibility.

In particular below are the half-a-dozen of my books that have been made into Google Books, and four or five funded project reports. I know the former can be frustrating, as typically often the material you actually want is on one of the pages not available in the preview, but still, from a reader’s or researcher’s point of view at least, they can be useful. Most recent first.

The other sources are my institutional repository (this is the university digital archive in which all researchers must upload copies of their publicly-funded research) and my and ResearchGate pages.

For work (mostly since 2014) you can go to my page on UEA Digital Repository, the UEA’s searchable repository of research publications and outputs produced by our staff.

Further, for 25+ years of books, articles, chapters, you can go to my or ResearchGate pages and access online lots of my writing as well as events organised. I am a little pleased that, on the screenshot right, it says, with a small trophy icon next to it, I am in the ‘top 2%’ for views on…. This has been regularly the case for some years; I hover between ‘top 0.5%’ and ‘top 2%’. (I recognise that both these repositories are receiving some critical attention for their commercialisation and/or exploitation of knowledge model—see Gary Hall, for example.)


Click for free, open access PDF of entire 2018 report: Bennett & McKay Street Music report interactive

Click for free, open access PDF of entire 2017 book: 25 Years of London Jazz Festival DEFINITIVE

Click for free, open access PDF of entire 2016 report: Festival Report_online


Click here for a free download of the 2011 Community Music AHRC report. 






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great memories, thanks. Not sure which picture it is you are referring too … but I may have a copy of the book somewhere I could send you. Email me or DM me on twitter — George

Dear George,

I think I invented crowd surfing at Glastonbury. There is an image in your wonderful Glastonbury book taken after I fell off the stage during a bands set in 83/84……or was it during the Cures set in 1986. My memory is rather hazy for reasons I would rather not explain to my children.

One minute I was talking to Arabella [ I think it was her]….and the next moment…..The picture tells the tale.

I had a copy of your book…..but lent it to Joe Strummer and he never gave it back.

I attended the festival from 1982 until people started blowing whistles in 1988. I worked for Michael every year until I felt the vibe of the festival changed and I am rather glad I missed the fence and the troubles that came with it.

George…..Do you have a copy of the picture you could mail to me…….I need to show my children that dad…

A] Was young once

B] Once flew his freak flag high.

Warm regards

Andrew Griffin

Hello Judith

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I’m happy for you to use a screenshot of the white poppy picture and paragraph from my website for your research. Please do link to my website, yes. Good luck with the PhD!



I am a PhD student at Leeds. I am researching the use of clothing and accessories in maintaining the links between the living and the dead.

I am wondering if you would give me permission to use a screenshot of your ‘white poppy’ picture and paragraph in an online archive I am creating. I will credit in any format you prefer and link to your blog (can’t show you what I mean I’m afraid as my website is ‘ethical approval’ pending 🙁

Please let me have your thoughts on this.

Best wishes


Ian I think I do have the entire photo somewhere. I will try to find it and send it to you. Contact me via email (contact page), it’ll be easiest and more likely to happen.. You were probably 2-3 years ahead of me at that school. I never made A levels (or Os, come to that) there, but happily departed for another school after end of my 3rd year. George

Just randomly browsing some history of my old school and noticed the photo from KES, can’t say I know you or remember you but I know some of the students in the photo so I guess I was there somewhere. I left KES in 1976 after A Levels. If you have that photo I would love you to email me a copy. Thanks for the memories.

Ian Jude

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