As part of my active interest in the public engagement of academic research, I write periodically in print and online about my work.

Also I discuss it and comment on research-related events in the media in the role of what is usually termed an academic ‘expert’. Radio, print (newspaper and online), television, nationally and internationally, and regionally—and some community media work too.

Subjects range from politics and protest to popular music from jazz to punk, alternative media to disability, pop festival to riot, gardens and planting.

I have acted as a consultant for television documentaries on student activism and radicalism, libertarian education, festival culture.

If you are a journalist or editor looking for a comment piece do get in touch—via contact page or phone. My mobile phone number is:

                    +44 (0)779 1077 074.

Also on these pages you will find some high resolution photographs for press download as well as information about my research on media issues.

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Hi Bethan
thanks for getting in touch. Not sure how much how help I can be though: I know a bit about community music, and a bit about disability, but put together as community music and autism specifically? Hmm, am struggling there… George

Dear Professor George McKay,

My name is Bethan Williams and I am a final year journalism student at JOMEC in Cardiff University.

I am currently writing a final feature on the use of community music for individuals with autism, and more specifically Asperger’s syndrome.
I am aware that you must be very busy, but after researching around the subject, I have identified yourself as an admirable expert on disability and popular music (among other subjects) and wonder if you might be able to answer a few questions?

If you have any more questions about the article I am writing, please do ask.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

(You can contact me on


Bethan Williams

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