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  • BBC Radio Norfolk: Sex Pistols at UEA and in Cromer 1976-77 feature.
  • Future Radio, Platform arts programme, discussing new report From Glyndebourne to Glastonbury.
  • Future Radio, Platform arts programme, discussing Shakin’ All Over, and forthcoming inaugural professorial lecture about disability and pop.


  • KPFA logoFuture Radio, Platform arts programme, discussing new book The Pop Festival
  • Repeat broadcast of ‘The politics of gardening’ one-hour podcast from 2011, Against the Grain, KPFA 94.1FM (July 14). From utopian experiments with garden cities to guerrilla gardeners planting on abandoned or misused land, the garden appears to have abundant radical potentialities. Cultural critic George McKay unearths its complex politics, looking at the thorny questions of militarism, gardening, and the fascist right as well as myriad experiments by those on the left. He concludes that gardens remain a fertile site for political action.
  • Guardian podcast, ‘Sow, Grow, Repeat’ series (April). In our latest episode, Alys Fowler and Jane Perrone look at some of the ways you can garden without a garden. They explore the history and importance of allotments with Sara Jane Trebar of the Save Farm Terrace campaign; George McKay, author of Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden; and journalist and allotment holder Lia Leendertz. Finally, urban gardener Gayla Trail reveals what it was like to guerrilla garden on a busy public corner in Toronto, Canada.  

  • BBC Radio 2, interviewee, Acker Bilk obituary one-hour documentary (January 20).


  • SVT1, Swedish television arts programme Kulturnyheterna, interview feature discussing the politics of gardens, following Marabouparken Gallery lecture (28 April).


  • BBC World Service, Newshour, live discussion of disability, popular music, polio, with Steve Harley (19 December). Listen here:

  • BBC Four television, Trad Jazz Britannia, featured expert on music and political history of 1950s jazz (May 24).


  • BBC Radio Wales, weekend breakfast programme, live interview about tax protests, UK Uncut, Starbucks (7 December)
  • BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House, feature interview on the politics of the oak tree (7 October)
  • BBC Radio Manchester, afternoon programme, 15-minute live interview about popular music and scenes, connected to IASPM conference at MediaCityUK (5 September)


  • n the studio after the programme: Thinking Allowed, Radio 4, BBC Broadcasting House, George McKay with presenter Prof Laurie Taylor (centre) and Dr Tim Jordan (right)
    in the studio after the programme: Thinking Allowed, Radio 4, BBC Broadcasting House, with presenter Prof Laurie Taylor (centre) and Dr Tim Jordan (right), May 2011

    BBC Radio Cumbria (two—before and after the festival), BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Manchester, live interviews about the role of Professor in Residence at Kendal Calling 2011 pop festival (28 July-1 August)

  • BBC World Service, Newshour programme, live interview about Radical Gardening and the politics of gardens: ‘What links politics and gardens?’  (12 July).
  • KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA: Against the Grain, extended interview about Radical Gardening (June 15).
  • Community radio stations, interviews about Radical Gardening:  Diversity FM (Lancaster), Future Radio (Norwich) (May-June).
  • BBC Radio 4:  Thinking Allowed, live discussion of new book Radical Gardening (May 4, repeated May 9; also World Service I think).


  • BBC Radio 4: You and Yours, feature on busking, street music and regulation (June 17).
  • BBC Radio Wales, breakfast programme: political protest and e-voting.


  • BBC Radio 4: Documentary on 50th anniversary of M1 motorway.
  • BBC Radio Wales daytime phone-in: the politics of protest.
  • ABC Radio, Australia; Into the Music (March 21): two-part documentary on leading Australian music programme, entitled ‘Music and insurrection: on the street’, centred on my research into the cultural politics of street music.
  • BBC Radio Wales afternoon: the origins of May Day.
  • LBC Radio, breakfast programme: anarchism and protest.
  • Talk Sport Radio evening discussion: direct action and protest.
  • Talk Sport Radio George Galloway Programme: G20 protests.
  • The Herald (March 26): quoted expert on protest and direct action.


  • ABC Local Radio, Tasmania, Australia:  pop and disability.
  • BBC Radio Wales: breakfast news.


  • BBC Radio 4: ‘Politics and dance music’ documentary.
  • BBC Radio Wales: Weekend News (twice).
  • Channel 4 Radio, Radio London, on festivals.


  • BBC Radio Wales: Weekend News.
  • BBC Radio 4: Thinking Allowed, on jazz, race and masculinity in Britain, and my current book Circular Breathing.
  • BBC Radio Wales: Saturday breakfast programme, on protest.


  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Simon Mayo afternoon phone-in, on US import media.
  • BBC Radio Wales: Weekend Edition.


  • BBC Radio London: Sunday breakfast programme.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Weekend News.
  • BBC Radio 4: You and Yours.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Simon Mayo afternoon phone-in.
  • BBC Radio 4: PM.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Weekend News.
  • BBC4 documentary. Time Shift, on New Age travellers and free festivals.


  • BBC Radio 4: PM.
  • BBC Radio Wales: Today (twice).
  • BBC Radio London: Sunday breakfast programme.
  • BBC Radio 4: The Message.
  • BBC Radio 4: Word Matters.
  • TV: Sky News live OB, on Glastonbury Festival.
  • Radio: Sky, Virgin.
  • BBC World Service: The World Today.



  • BBC regional radio (several).
  • BBC Radio Lancashire.
  • BBC World Service: Analysis
  • BBC World Service: The World Today.
  • BBC Radio 3: Nightwaves.


  • BBC Radio 4: The World Tonight, Sunday Service.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live (several).
  • BBC Radio 2: Johnny Walker Show, on new book about Glastonbury Festival.
  • BBC Radio 1: Steve Lamacq Show, on Glastonbury Festival.
  • RAI, Radio, Italy: News.
  • Austrian Radio.
  • BBC regional radio stations (seven or eight), on Glastonbury Festival.
  • BBC1 News.
  • Granada TV: News.
  • BBC Radio Wales: Breakfast Show.


  • BBC Radio Lancashire.


  • RTE Radio, Cork, afternoon magazine programme, on new travellers and alternative cultures.
  • BBC Radio Lancashire, documentary on regional cultures and music.


  • BBC Radio GMR Talk: afternoon magazine programme.
  • BBC Radio 4: The Afternoon Shift (twice).


  • BBC Radio Scotland: arts and music programme Usual Suspects.
  • BBC Radio 5Live: morning magazine programme.
  • BBC Radio Lancashire: Steve Wright show.
  • BBC Radio Bristol: afternoon magazine programme.
  • ABC Radio, Australia: arts and philosophy programme Meridian.
  • VPRO Television, Amsterdam, Holland: arts programme Late At Night.


  • BBC Radio 5Live: After Hours panel guest.


  • BBC Radio GLR: Lunchtime News.


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