Swerve Trio recordings

Here are some recordings of the trio from a live rehearsal at LICA in June 2011, captured on drummer Richard’s macbook and a stereo mic. We hope you enjoy. Let us know.

1. Classic beautiful bossa melody, here stripped down to bare bones and then reconstructed a bit … ‘Black Orpheus’. In fact, this is the first time we ever played this song together…. As radio broadcast, with a band interview, on Diversity FM (November 2011). swerve-trio-black-orpheus by gmckay

2. Swerve’s longĀ fade-in version of the wonderful Bob Marley song ‘Natural mystic’ (from Exodus), with hints of the melody, dub fragmentation, speeding, speeding …

swerve-trio-natural-mystic by gmckay

3. A different version of the old New Orleans standard ‘St James Infirmary’ from our ones on youtube (this tune must really speak to us), but stillĀ featuring the soprano sax/arco bass head and collective improv.

swerve_trio_st james_infirmary by gmckay

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Hi Swerve,
Nice work for first rehearsal, obviously a very natural rapport with each other as people and I suspect history there with bassist and saxophinist. Very lyrical, courageous work. The saxophinist is not exhibiting restraint towards rapid legato lines, he just simply cannot see the need for it which is refreshing, the band has plenty to say without the sheer compulsion towards the exhibition of virtuosity. Earthy, ethnic origins are apparent and compelling, highly enjoyable and I look forwards to more from this inspiring group.

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