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These are press pieces either written by me or features about me, or where I am a quoted ‘expert’ commentator, or my work’s quoted from, that sort of thing…

Irish Times (June 8 2016), ‘Want tragic? Then visit the VIP areas of an Irish music festival’, by Brian Boyd.

Independent (24 May 2016), ‘Why gardening has become more political than ever’, by Kashmira Gander.

Times Higher (February 18 2016), short review of A Jepson and A Clarke, eds. Exploring Community Festivals and Events.

THE passing review 2015Times Higher Education (April 30 2015), short review of Jeffrey A. Brune and Daniel; J. Wilson eds. Disability and Passing: Blurring the Lines of Identity.

Times Higher Education (January 22 2015), short review of Marcus O’Dair’s Different Every Time: The Authorised Biography of Robert Wyatt.

Smithsonian magazine (11 December 2014), ‘The evolving face of Santa, as seen in the Smithsonian’s vast collections’, article by Saba Naseem.

Eastern Daily Press (11 December 2014), ‘From punk to a prof, George back in a Fine City‘, by Rowan Mantel.

The JazzMan (16 October 2014), ‘George McKay appointed Professor in Residence at the 2014 EFG London Jazz Festival.’

Forbes (29 July 2014), ‘What do Neil Young, Kurt Cobain and other disabled rocks teach us about working with disability and chronic illness‘, article by Ruth Blatt.

Huffington Post (16 July 2014), ‘Festival Treason: why I won’t be buying a ticket this season’, by Isabella Smith, quoted expert.

Times Higher Education (June 26 2014), short review of Andy Bennett’s Music, Style and Aging: Growing Old Disgracefully?

Huffington Post (9 June 2014), ‘The psychology of dancing at festivals‘, by Lucy Maddox, quoted expert.

ETC (10 May 2014),‘Trädgårdsodling är en radikal handling’, interview feature by Alexandra Sundqvist with author of Radical Gardening.

Times Higher Education (27 March 2014), ‘What our reviewers are reading’: Anandi Ramamurthy, Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movements.

Salford Online (19 February 2014), ‘“Holy grail” Oasis and Stone Roses demo tapes up for grabs’.

Times Higher Education (17 January 2014), ‘What our reviewers are reading’: Rebecca Bramall, The Cultural  Politics of Austerity: Past and Present in Austere Times.

Salford Online (18 December 2013): ‘Disabled musicians “everywhere”, says Salford professor’.

THE review community musicTimes Higher Education (26 September 2013): ‘What our reviewers are reading’: Lee Higgins, Community Music: In Theory and in Practice.

Haaretz (30 June 2013): quoted expert in feature on UK festival culture, by David Stavrou.

Bild (13 June 2013), ‘Auf festivals dreht sich doch alles um das Eime’

Le Huffington Post (11 June 2013), ‘Profil type du festivalier’, by Alexis Ferenczi

Adevarul (11 June 2013), ‘La festivaluri noi, preferente noi’

ThePostOnline (11 June 2013), ‘Festivals: drugs, seks en weining rock ‘n ‘ roll’

Konbini (11 June 2013) ‘Festivals d’été: sexe, drogues puis rock ‘n’ roll’, by Théo Chapuis

Daily Star (11 June 2013) ‘Festival-goers not there for music’, by Gemma Matthews

Daily Mail  (June 11 2013) ‘Sex, drugs … and not much rock ‘n’ roll’

New Musical Express (June 11 2013) ‘Average festival goer prefers to take drugs and get drunk than watch bands, new survey “discovers”‘

Times Higher Education (10 May 2013), ‘A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers’: Chris Coates, Communes Britannica.

BuzzFeed (14 March 2013), ‘When everyday sound becomes torture’, by Joyce Cohen.

Times Higher Education (14 February 2013), ‘What are you reading?’ column: Franz Kerschenbauer et al, eds., Eurojazzland: Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts.

Song of the Week Blog (6 January 2013), ‘#33 “Sweet Gene Vincent'” by Ian Dury‘, by Padraig O’Connor.

Manchester Evening News (19 December 2012). ‘Danny Boyle Olympic ceremony voted one of most inspiring TV moments of all time’.

Three-D (no. 19, November 2012), MeCCSA magazine, ‘AHRC Leadership Fellow, Connected Communities Programme’.

Manchester Evening News (1 September 2012). ‘Music conference to celebrate Salford’s music heritage’.

Westfälische Nachtrichten (17 July, 2012). ‘George McKay in der Freie Gartenakademie‘.

Times Higher Education (July 2012), ‘What are you reading?’ column: Noel Kingsbury, Hybrid: The History and Science of Plant Breeding.

Times Higher Education (2012), ‘What are you reading?’ column: Leah Lievrouw, Activist and Alternative New Media.

Sounding Board: The Journal of Community Music (2011), issue 4, pp. 9-11 (with Ben Higham). ‘Unpicking community music research’.

Times Higher Education (November 2011) ‘What are you reading’ column: Christopher Small, Musicking.

Word Power Books (November 5, 2011) ‘Botanical xenophobia, fascist gardening, and planting a heritage apple tree’.

Times Higher Education (2011) small feature on pop festival Professor in Residence.

Times Higher Education (2011) ‘What are you reading’ column: Richard Mabey, Weeds.

The Scotsman (7 May 2011). ‘Seeds of protest’. Interview and feature written by Louisa Pearson about the author of Radical Gardening.

Times Higher Education (2011) ‘What are you reading’ column: Rob Young, Electric Eden.

STIR magazine (August 15, 2011). ‘Sod it! Radical gardening?’

The Monday Essay by George McKay, on Radical GardeningThe Independent (May 2, 2011), ‘Viewspaper’ supplement, ‘The Monday Essay’, pp. 1, 12-13:  ‘Radical plots: the politics of gardening’.

Bath Chronicle (February 2011), ‘The future of Glastonbury Festival or simply selling out?’ quoted expert in article.

Times Higher Education (2010) ‘What are you reading’ column: Scott McQuire’s Media Cities.

Times Higher Education (8 July 2010), pp. 54-55: review of The Songs of Blind Folk by Terry Rowden.

BBC News Magazine (21 May 2010): quoted expert in feature entitled ‘What does a music festival say about you?’

Times Higher Education (25 February 2010), p. 52: ‘What are you reading’ column: Kenneth Helphand’s Defiant Gardens.

Manchester Evening News (12 February 2010), p. 32: interview / feature on my research on disability and pop: ‘Tribute to rock stars who beat the odds’.

Sounding Board: The Journal of Community Music (2009), issue 5, p. 4: quoted expert in feature entitled ‘Leading community musician moves on after nearly quarter of a century’.

BBC News Online (25 March 2009): quoted expert, ‘Recession rallies G20 protestors’.

Point of Departure  (2005), the online improvised music magazine, roundtable discussion about social and political readings of jazz music, with Ajay Heble, Fred Ho, Caroline Kraabel, George E. Lewis.

Fact magazine (2004), no.5: quoted expert, ‘What’s the point of festivals?‘ article by Tony Marcus.

The Independent (6 November 2003), p. 19. ‘An alternative vision of the world’. Review of News From Nowhere collective, We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anticapitalism.

BBC website (June 2003). Contribution on ‘The cultural legacy of America’.

Times Higher Education Supplement (14 December 2001). ‘Understanding Uncle Sam: getting to grips with the culture that the British just love to hate’. Feature on British tradition of anti-Americanism.

The Guardian (June 21 2000), pp. 4-5 Society section. ‘Party politics’. Feature on Glastonbury Festival’s Green politics.

Daily Express (June 19 2000), p. 11. ‘Where else can naked hippies hang out with Lycra-clad young things?’ Feature on Glastonbury Festival.

Times Higher Education Supplement (31 March 2000), p. 19. ‘Doing the right thing’. Feature on academics boycotting conference in Austria.

The Independent (20 August 1999). ‘A connoisseur of cannabis’, review of Cannabis Culture by Patrick Matthews.

The Independent (15 May 1999), Weekend Review, p. 13. ‘Talking about degeneration’, review of Shibboleth: My Revolting Life by Penny Rimbaud and The Last of the Hippies by C.J. Stone.

Times Higher Education Supplement (18 December 1998), p. 14. ‘Soapbox’ column: ‘Why I think British museums should hand back their loot’.

New Times (no. 148, 6 June 1998), pp. 8-9. ‘Eating the evil empire’, review of The McDonaldisation of Society, by George Ritzer.

Times Higher Education Supplement (13 March 1998), pp. 20-21. Article: ‘Really revolting party outfits’. Feature on researching DiY culture.

New Times (no. 140, 14 February 1998), 8-9. ‘Doing it thoughtfully’, review of Gathering Force, by Nick Cobbing et al.

New Statesman (30 August, 1996), 27. Article: ‘Is that anarchy I see going on in the seminar room?’ Feature on anarchism and radical MAs.

Times Higher Education Supplement (May 3, 1996), 16. Article: ‘Mother Earth’s vociferous children’. Feature on road protest.

Lancashire Evening Post (September 15, 1992), 6: ‘In My View’ column: children’s literature and censorship.

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