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Punch House Band, summer 2018, film of At the Turning of the Tide

One of the bands I play bass in provided the music for the Crude Apache Theatre Co.’s 2018 summer show, which played in a series of outdoor locations connected with the Broads, rivers and parks of Norfolk and Norwich. The play, with original script and songs, was filmed the evening we were at Whitlingham Broad, and now the film is edited and online.

The Punch House Band started each show with a few numbers from our set as the audience gathered, and of course played the songs and incidental music throughout. Here is the film, which opens with us playing ‘Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth’ and ‘Bedlam Boys’. Other songs in the play are ‘Turning of the tide’, ‘Wherryman’s wife’, ‘Sail together no more’, and ‘Forty kegs of brandy’.

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Phone sketch, playing bass live, by Ian Brownlie

Playing a gig with Joey Herzfeld and Chris Dowding a week or two in the fabulous medieval undercroft that is Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich, a couple of old pals came along, Ian Brownlie and Mark Howe of the brilliant immersive site-specific music / visuals thing Klanghaus. Ian did this sketch of me playing live—he called it a ‘scribble’—on his phone, and sent it to me this morning. Thank you Ian! I love it. In return, here’s a photo of us playing together in Norwich, in a band called The Last Blast, from BITD (mid-1980s I think): L-R me on bass guitar, James Edmond on drums (where are you, James?), Ian singing. The other band members not in photo: Martin Tidd and Mike Skulski, both guitars. ‘We were young, we were free!’


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