Yankee Go Home

Yankee Go Home (& Take Me With U): Americanization and Popular Culture (ed., Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997)

… features writers from Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Israel, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and the United States itself. The geographical range of the essayists is one of the volume’s strong points, as is George McKay’s skilful job in editing and introducing the volume. In recent years McKay has become one of Britain’s most interesting scholars in the area of music and subcultures.… McKay’s introduction is especially helpful in its range. Professor Kate Fullbrook, review in Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations vol. 3:2, pp. 193-95


The diversity of material is brought together in a theoretical introduction by George McKay where “cultural imperialism” and the “positive discourse of Americanization” are established as critical anchors… with useful dimensions. Paul Grainge, review in Journal of American Studies vol. 33:2 (1999), pp. 378-79


The European Association for American Studies awarded a $1300 publication subvention for this collection, which originates in a 1994 EAAS Luxembourg conference workshop I organised on the theme of ‘All-American Popular Culture?’

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