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Jazz and the City symposium at EFG London Jazz Festival, 12 November 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-11-48-02To celebrate the conclusion of the AHRC-funded Impact of Festivals project, the EFG London Jazz Festival 2016 is hosting a mini-conference on Jazz and the City at the Southbank Centre’s Level 5 Function Room on Saturday 12 November, 2-5 pm.

2.00-2.30pm Jazz and the City: Festival researcher-in-residence Dr Emma Webster, and Professor George McKay of the University of East Anglia, explore today’s programme and their current AHRC project, The Impact of Festivals.

2.45-3.45pm Festivals and the City:  A chaired panel exploring how festivals are shaped by cities and places and how festivals in turn shape them. With vibraphonist Orphy Robinson, Mikey Martins (Freedom Festival, Hull) and Steve Rubie (606 Club).

4.00-5.00pm Musicians in the City: A chaired panel on life as a musician in the city, featuring saxophonist Andy Sheppard, pianist Sarah Tandy (Tomorrow’s Warriors) and Charles Umney (Leeds Business School).

This is a free set of events—for more information, email

Do join us for what will be a fascinating afternoon thinking about jazz cities, jazz musicians, and jazz festivals. #jazzlife.

Academic Connected Communities Festival Jazz Knowledge Exchange Music project

The impact of (jazz) festivals, article now published

Jazz-Research-Journal-cover-web-useWith my co-author, postdoctoral research assistant Dr Emma Webster, I’m pleased to draw attention to our newest output from our AHRC-funded project, The Impact of Festivals. This project is in collaboration with our research partner the EFG London Jazz Festival. The new output is a peer-reviewed article for Jazz Research Journal focussed on the impact of jazz festivals in particular. (The wider project embraces pop, folk and classical music festivals too.) The abstract is below. You can access freely a copy of the article here, or below. It appears in Jazz Research Journal 9(2), pp.169-193.

Festivals are an essential part of the jazz world, forming regularly occurring pivot points around which jazz musicians, audiences and organizers plan their lives. Funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, the purpose of this report is to chart and critically examine available writing about the impact of jazz festivals, drawing on both academic and ‘grey’/cultural policy literature in the field. The review presents research findings under the headings of economic impact; socio-political impact; temporal impact and intensification and transformation of experience; creative impact—music and musicians; discovery and audience development; place-making; the mediation of jazz festivals; and environmental impact. It concludes with a set of recommendations for future research, which identifies gaps in the field. To accompany the article, a 100-entry 40,000-word annotated bibliography has also been produced, which is freely accessible online.

Click here for the article. webster-and-mckay-the-impact-of-jazz-festivals-journal-article-submitted-to-jazz-research-journal-jan-2016-published-in-jazz-research-journal-august-2016-vol-92-169-193