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Festival cultures keynote video, Live Music Exchange

I recently gave a keynote lecture at The ATRiuM in Cardiff for one of the day-long conferences of an AHRC knowledge exchange project called Live Music Exchange, led from Edinburgh University. It was a really interesting day featuring some academics, but also key players from the music industry in Wales—including a festival organiser, a band manager, a musician, a couple of arts administrators—discussing how live popular music is presented and organised, threats to scenes, good ideas about how to develop them. I remember tweeting one of the speakers who said that in his view a local council could have say two people employed to encourage and support live music scenes (arts and events officers, for instance) but the same council might have 20 people whose jobs were effectively to shut it down (from planning to health and environment, licensing, etc)! LMX kindly filmed the lecture, which was about festival culture as live music experience, and have now made it available on youtube, including nicely editing into the film a number of the images I used in my presentation during the talk. Here it is.

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Live Music Exchange conference, Cardiff, November 10

Saturday 10th November 2012
ATRiuM, University of Glamorgan, Cardiff

A conference with a difference, the Live Music Exchange gathers together leading academics with people working directly (and indirectly) with live music, to exchange ideas about how to encourage and assist a vibrant and sustainable live music ecology.

Panels on: Live music policy, skills & training and more, plus round-table discussions.

Keynote Speaker: Professor George McKay (Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Salford and AHRC Leadership Fellow, Connected Communities Programme)

Panellists include: Fiona Stewart (Green Man Festival), Simon Dancey (British Council), Huw Williams (founder Welsh Music Foundations), Arts Council Wales, John Rostron (SWN Festival), and many more.

Programme and booking information available here.

My keynote lecture title is ‘Festival, place, industry, community’. I think it will include some work on the early days of British popular music festivals, in the 1950s, and will also draw on the research I’ve been working on with contributors to the book project I am editing, Carnivalising Pop: Festival, Music, Media. (I would like to touch on the Get it Loud in Libraries development of the past 3-4 years too, especially as Lancaster Library has been at the forefront of this live music innovation, but I’m not sure I’ve got time to have those conversations with organisers and work up some thoughts based on those.)
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