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Phone sketch, playing bass live, by Ian Brownlie

Playing a gig with Joey Herzfeld and Chris Dowding a week or two in the fabulous medieval undercroft that is Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich, a couple of old pals came along, Ian Brownlie and Mark Howe of the brilliant immersive site-specific music / visuals thing Klanghaus. Ian did this sketch of me playing live—he called it a ‘scribble’—on his phone, and sent it to me this morning. Thank you Ian! I love it. In return, here’s a photo of us playing together in Norwich, in a band called The Last Blast, from BITD (mid-1980s I think): L-R me on bass guitar, James Edmond on drums (where are you, James?), Ian singing. The other band members not in photo: Martin Tidd and Mike Skulski, both guitars. ‘We were young, we were free!’


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A flurry of gigs in July

I play bass around Norwich in three bands currently, mostly original music. There’s a flurry of gigs coming up in early summer. Been a long time since I’ve been this busy musically, what with moving cities and jobs etc.  Be lovely to see you at one if you are around here.

Friday 30 June, Jurnet’s Bar, Norwich, a short set by The Punch House Band. Doing a short set around 9.30, the numbers we recorded in the studio a week or two back. East Anglian folk music.

Sunday 2 July, Wymondham Music Festival, Summer Pizzazz concert, Spooner’s Row church near Wymondham. hymn + Arthur. hymn are trumpet/loops, percussion/electronics, double bass trio, compositions to melodic improvisations.

Monday 3 July, same line-up as Sunday, Bicycle Shop, Norwich.

Wednesday 5 July, Joey Herzfeld Trio, First Wednesday Club, Platform 12, Norwich.Joey’s songs often have some kind of Jewish flavour, though piano tonight (rather than accordion) might change that.

Friday 7 July, is this one on? A trio playing standards, before screening of the film Whiplash, somewhere in Aylsham …

Friday 14 July, Wymondham Music Festival, The Green Dragon, Joey Herzfeld Trio. Perhaps back to the ‘classic’ line up of accordion/voice, trumpet, bass, after the piano of the July 5 gig. 

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