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Phone sketch, playing bass live, by Ian Brownlie

Playing a gig with Joey Herzfeld and Chris Dowding a week or two in the fabulous medieval undercroft that is Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich, a couple of old pals came along, Ian Brownlie and Mark Howe of the brilliant immersive site-specific music / visuals thing Klanghaus. Ian did this sketch of me playing live—he called it a ‘scribble’—on his phone, and sent it to me this morning. Thank you Ian! I love it. In return, here’s a photo of us playing together in Norwich, in a band called The Last Blast, from BITD (mid-1980s I think): L-R me on bass guitar, James Edmond on drums (where are you, James?), Ian singing. The other band members not in photo: Martin Tidd and Mike Skulski, both guitars. ‘We were young, we were free!’


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