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Beyond Jazz Borders conference, Amsterdam

RC 2014 conference_logoThe third annual Rhythm Changes conference starts on 4 September … in Amsterdam … and I’m delighted to have been involved as a member of the organising committee, led by the very wonderful Prof Walter van de Leur. Here is the draft schedule of events, while below—why not?—is a list of all the papers, talks and events, in alphabetical order of speaker’s name. Almost one hundred …  that’s impressive. really, for an international conference dedicated to the music we call jazz.

  1. Lisa Barg – “Composer-Arranger-Seamstress?”: Melba Liston, Gender, Arranging, and Jazz History – McGill University
  2. Andrew Berish – What is jazz supposed to feel like?: Tin Pan Alley, Sentimentality and Jazz – Associate Professor, Humanities and Cultural Studies Dept., University of South Florida
  3. Nathan Blustein – Erwin Schulhoff’s Cinq études and European Jazz in the 1920s – PhD Candidate, Department of Music Theory, Indiana University
  4. Matthew Boden – Swingin’ Down Under: The Barrelhouse Four – PhD Candidate, Lecturer in Jazz and Classical Studies, Conservatorium of Music, Tasmanian College of the Arts
  5. David Brackett – Swing in the 1940s: Probing the Borders of Jazz and Pop – McGill University
  6. Darius Brubeck – Cultural Diplomacy – Former Director of the Centre for Jazz & Popular Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
  7. Christa Bruckner-Haring – “Musik war es sicher nicht, was diese Herren boten, sie machten ein Heidenspektakel”: Early Jazz Reception in Austria after World War I – Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz (KUG), Austria
  8. Robert Burke – Analysis and observations of pre-learnt and idiosyncratic elements in improvisation: a reflective study in jazz performance – Head of The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Coordinator of Jazz and Popular Music, JMonash University
  9. Jerome Camal – Jazz and Gwoka: A Diasporic Polyrhythm? – Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  10. Gretchen Carlson – Jazz Heaven”: Woody Allen’s Jazz Compilation Soundtracks and Cultural Subtexts – PhD Candidate, University of Virginia
  11. Jean Cook – Jazz Research – Mapping the Field under the Jazz Futures heading (round-table discussion)
  12. Pedro Cravinho – Free Jazz, Free Portugal: Sounds of Freedom During the Last Years of the Estado Novo Regime (1971-1974) – University of Aveiro
  13. Kinga Csizmas – Hungarian jazz musicians (Poster) – Corvinus University of Budapest
  14. Scott Currie – Between Noise and (N)ostalgia: A Berlin Jazz Collective’s Challenge to Post-Transition Borders of Geography and Generation – University of Minnesota
  15. Lindelwa Dalamba – Kongi’s Harvest: Jazz and the Rituals of a Postcolonial World – University of the Witwatersrand
  16. Lawrence Davies – ‘These people know more about me than I do’: Robert Lockwood’s Histories of the Blues – King’s College London
  17. Scott DeVeaux – Reclaiming Fusion – Professor, McIntire Dept. of Music, Director of Undergraduate Programs, University of Virginia
  18. José Dias – ‘Unity in Diversity’: Jazz and the European narrative – PhD Candidate, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  19. Frédéric Döhl – …a tremendous dividing line: About André Previns Experiences with Changeovers between Jazz and Art Music – Freie Universität Berlin
  20. Mario Dunkel – W. C. Handy, Edward Abbe Niles, and the Invention of Hot Jazz – Department of Music and Musicology Technische Universität Dortmund
  21. Anne Dvinge – Jazz carnival or Business Empire? The Change from the Local Newport Jazz Festival to the Global JVC Jazz Festival – Independent Researcher
  22. Alison Eales – ‘Jazz, Blues, (Reggae), Funk, Soul, World’: Programming and Promoting Glasgow (International) Jazz Festival- PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow
  23. Jonathan Eato – A Climbing Vine Through Concrete: Jazz in 1960s Apartheid South Africa – University of York
  24. Damian Evans – Scene and Unseen: Negotiation and contestation within a jazz scene – PhD Candidate, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
  25. Roger Fagge – “Is there a new art form somewhere here or is the western mind breaking down?”: British writers respond to jazz post 1945 (Panel sponsored by The University of Chicago Press) – Director, Comparative American Studies, Department of History, University of Warwick
  26. Steven Feld – Keynote. (Sponsored by Birmingham City University) – Distinguished porfessor of Antrhopology and Music, University of New Mexico
  27. Kevin Fellesz – Polishing the Ivories: Re-Thinking “Jazz Piano” (Panel) – Assistant Professor of Music, Institute for Research in African American Studies Columbia University
  28. Raphael Ferreira – The issue of style in the music of Hermeto Pascoal – Federal University of Uberlândia
  29. Petter Frost Fadnes – Improvisational conduct and case studies from the margins: An insider’s view on negotiating the collective- Department of Music and Dance, University of Stavanger
  30. Andy Fry – “This is Jazz”: New Orleans Jazz Revival in International Perspective – King’s College, London
  31. Jamie Fyffe – Signifyin(g) the Blues: The Compositional Style of Miles Davis (Poster) – University of Glasgow
  32. John Gabriel – Hanns Eisler and Motorik: Expanding the Borders of Jazz’s Influence on German Music – PhD Candidate, Harvard University
  33. Nicholas Gebhardt – Must We Mean What We Play? (With Apologies to Stanley Cavell) (Panel sponsored by The University of Chicago Press) – Birmingham City University
  34. John Gennari- Keynote. Rethinking Jazz and Jazz Studies through Jason Moran’s Multimedia Performance. (Sponsored by The Open University UK) – Associate Professor, University of Vermont
  35. Zbigniew Granat – A Quest for a Pan-European Identity: Komeda, Berendt, and the Politics of a “Sweet European Home” – Assistant Professor, Nazareth College, Rochester, New York
  36. Martin Guerpin – Between Cocteau, dada and neoclassicism: The carnivalesque role of jazz in French art music (1919-1922)- PhD Candidate, Université Paris-Sorbonne / Université de Montréal
  37. David Harnish & Jeremy Wallach – Dance to Your Roots: Border-Crossing with Krakatau, Indonesia’s Jazz-Gamelan Fusion Band (joint paper) – Chair and Professor, Music Department, University of San Diego
  38. Charles Hersch – “Matzo Balls-ereenie”: Ethnic Hybridity in African American Jazz Versions of Jewish Songs – Professor, Department of Political Science, Cleveland State University
  39. Monika Herzig – Jazz Research – Mapping the Field under the Jazz Futures heading (round-table discussion) – Jazz Pianist & Professor, Indiana University Jazz Education Network (JEN);
  40. Matthias Heyman – “And the Winner is…”: The Role of the Jazz Contest in Interbellum Belgium – PhD Candidate, University of Antwerp
  41. Iván Iglesias – Jazz and Social Revolution in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) – University of Valladolid
  42. Ole Izard Høyer – When Danish jazz became “Danish” – Assistant Prof., Department of Culture and Global Studies, Centre for Danish Jazz Studies
  43. Adil Johan – The Cosmopolitan Jazz Hero: Negotiating Class, Gender, Modernity and an Emerging Nation in 1960s Malay Films – PhD Candidate in Music Research, King’s College London
  44. Michael Kahr – Jazz Beyond the Borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran- Institute für Jazz und Jazzforschung
  45. Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz
  46. Peter Keppy – The quest for modern womanhood: Filipina flappers,bailerina’s and beauty queens. – NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust-, and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam
  47. Bob Lawson-Peebles – The Meaning of Jazz and the Assault on Maidenhead – Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, Honorary University Fellow, University of Exeter
  48. David Lee – New York, Modernism and the Artists Jazz Band- PhD Candidate, School of English & Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  49. Steven Lewis – Marsalis Plays Bolden: Wynton Marsalis and the First Man of Jazz- PhD Candidate, McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia
  50. Mark Lomanno – ‘Tinged with Imminence’: Improvising Translation and Performing Jazz Research – Visiting Assistant Professor and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Ethnomusicology and Jazz Studies, Swarthmore College
  51. Andrea Low – Ernest Kaai & A Night in Honolulu – Jazz, Race and Empire in the Asia Pacific Region 1919-1937 – PhD Candidate, University of Auckland
  52. Francesco Martinelli – A Night in Tunesia or the hidden link: the influence of Islamic music and culture on the birth and development of jazz- Director of the Siena Jazz Archive; History of Jazz professor at Leghorn Conservatory
  53. Kristin McGee – Popular jazz, digital aesthetics and transnational networks in the New Europe – Associate Professor of Popular Music, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  54. George McKay – Carnivalising the creative economy:  a short film about co-produced research, on and with British jazz festivals  – University of Salford
  55. Haftor Medbøe – Dictated dichotomies: Locating Scandinavian jazz – Jazz Musician in Residence, Lecturer in Composition, School of Arts and Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University
  56. Vincent Meelberg – Composing Instantly: Conceiving Musical Improvisation as Compositional Practice – Radboud University Nijmegen, Department of Cultural Studies
  57. Pedro Mendes – “Our main struggle was to create conditions to be professional jazz musicians”: the beginning of the Hot Clube de Portugal’s School of Jazz and the idea of becoming a “professional jazz musician” – INET-MD Institut of Ethnomusicology. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  58. Cyril Moshkow – Jazz Journalism in Russia: From Underground To Reservation In Sixty Years – Jazz.Ru Magazine
  59. Ben Norton – Dealing with #BAM: Nicholas Payton and Jazz Studies. (Poster) – University of Hull, School of Drama, Music and Screen (Music)
  60. Ben Phipps – Constructing the role of the bass player in jazz history: From foundation to artistic expression. – PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales
  61. Acácio Piedade – Topics in Brazilian Jazz: friction of musicalities and rhetoricity (Panel sponsored by The University of Chicago Press) – Music Dept Music Graduate Studies, University of the State of Santa Catarina
  62. Nicolas Pillai – Len Lye’s A Colour Box: jazz, paint and cinematic waste – University of Warwick
  63. Ari Poutiainen – Instruments in Margin: Comparison of Flute, Violin and More Common Jazz Instruments – University lecturer of music education
  64. Ken Prouty – “Minstrel Hokum” and “Practical Jazzes”: Tailgate Trombone, Popular Music, and the Elusiveness of Jazz History – Associate Professor, Area Chair, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Michigan State University
  65. Sarah C. Provost – Bringing Something New: Creativity, Inspiration, and Female Jazz Performers – Assistant Professor of Musicology, University of North Florida
  66. Bruce Raeburn – Reflections of Senegambia in New Orleans Jazz – Hogan Jazz Archive & Tulane University
  67. Heli Reimann – ‘Neither allowed nor forbidden’: paradoxes of Soviet society and conceptualization of jazz – University of Helsinki
  68. Jason Robinson – Improvising diaspora: tradition and expansion in the gnawa collaborations of Pharoah Sanders, Randy Weston, and Archie Shepp – Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Amherst College
  69. Alex W. Rodriguez – Chile’s “La Resistencia” and Transnational Jazz Practice – PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
  70. Johanna-Marie Rohlf – Sitting on the fence? Early Jazz in Berlin and Paris – PhD Candidate, Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin (CMS)
  71. Pedro Roxo & Miguel Lourenço – Crossing Mind and Geographic Borders but Fixing Jazz Music Boundaries: The Foundation of Hot Clube de Portugal in the late 40s. – INET-MD Institut of Ethnomusicology. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  72. Loes Rusch – Jazz Behind the Dikes to New Dutch Swing: Critics and the Emancipation of Jazz in the Netherlands – University of Amsterdam
  73. Jean-Michel Saint-Paul – Bending New Corners (1999) of Erik Truffaz. The influence of hip hop in jazz music and how an acoustic quartet sounds as an electric group. – University of Paris VIII Saint-Denis
  74. Fritz Schenker – Revisiting jazz latitude: Filipino musicians and empire in 1920’s colonial Asia – PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  75. Ursel Schlicht – SonicExchange: Music Beyond Categories – Pianist
  76. Floris Schuiling – On the borders of modernism: The Instant Composers Pool between Free Jazz, Darmstadt and Fluxus – PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
  77. Nathan Seinen – Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly as jazz-rock de-fusion and historical critique – Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  78. Tamar Sella – A Link in the Chain: Israeli Jazz Musicians and the Berklee College of Music – PhD Candidate, in ethnomusicology, Harvard University
  79. Alan Stanbridge – All the Rest is Propaganda: Jazz, Class, and Race in British New Wave Cinema – Associate Professor, Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto
  80. Paul Steinbeck- Hyperinteractivity: George Lewis’s Voyager, Improvisation, and the Frontiers of Analysis – Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Washington University in St. Louis
  81. Yoko Suzuki – Polishing the Ivories: Re-Thinking “Jazz Piano” (Panel) – Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh
  82. Tom Sykes – Redefining the borders? Jazz scenes and social media – University of Salford
  83. Catherine Tackley – Rhythm Clubs: Ideals and Realities – Senior Lecturer in Music, The Open University
  84. Jeffrey Taylor – Polishing the Ivories: Re-Thinking “Jazz Piano” (Panel) – Professor, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
  85. Walter van de Leur – “When I Die, You Better Second Line”: Jazz and Death – Professor of Jazz and Improvised Music, Conservatorium van Amsterdam & University of Amsterdam
  86. Mischa van Kan – Swedish Modern: from furniture to jazz – PhD Candidate, Gothenburg University
  87. Tim Wall – The line between jazz and not-jazz: music broadcasting and the BBC 1923 to 1953- Birmingham City University
  88. Hans Weisethaunet – Enter the Recording Studio: ECM recordings as artistic expression and cultural practice – Professor, University of Oslo
  89. Meredith K. White – Jazz musician as insider-outsider – Senior Lecturer in Music, Kingston University, Surrey
  90. Tony Whyton – On Jazz and Cultural Diplomacy: A Conversation between Darius Brubeck and Tony Whyton – University of Salford
  91. Iwan Wopereis – Boundary crossing in improvisational expertise development – PhD Candidate, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Open University of the Netherlands
  92. Toby Wren – Jazz mutants in the antipodes – Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
  93. Brian F. Wright – “All You Get is an Amplified Plink-Plonk”: Monk Montgomery, the Electric Bass, and Policing Aesthetic Boundaries in 1950s Jazz- PhD Candidate, Musicology, Case Western Reserve University
  94. Juan Zagalaz – Paco de Lucía and the impact of jazz in the renovation of flamenco (1978 – 1990) – Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha
  95. Per Zanussi – Composing for improvisors – Research Fellow at University of Stavanger, Dept of Music and Dance

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