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Short film, ‘Growing Communities’, Spitalfields City Farm March 2013

The event captured in the film below was in the 2013 London Showcase for the AHRC’s Connected Communities programme, and part of a project I was involved in called Community Gardening, Creativity and Everyday Culture.  After the main showcase in central London, some of us went to Spitalfields City Farm for this evening of entertainment, food (including biodynamic burgers from one of our community farm partners in Sussex, and veggie curry from city farmers cooked for us vegetarians), discussion, music, round a bonfire and in a tent. In fact, it was billed as An Evening with George McKay (!), I guess because my Radical Gardening book was still riding high then, and I gave a talk about squatted gardens, guerrilla gardening, and so on. It was I thought a great night, and an inspiring end of community activism and growing to a long and stimulating day.

GROWING COMMUNITIES from Claire Griffiths on Vimeo.