A run of PhD successes!

A PhD is a lo-o-ong process, for supervisor and especially for the student, so I’m delighted that I’ve been involved in a run of successful completions and submissions in the past year. The topics have clustered around media and music, and include my first forays into supervising colleagues, staff candidates presenting a creative portfolio for PhD by Published Works. Supervision at Salford is a collaborative process: note the co-supervisors listed too.

I’ve never had so many students through—usually it might be up to one, just perhaps two, a year. The Graduation Ceremony in July 2014 at the Lowry @ Salford Quays will be my absolutely busiest ever … I’m so pleased for the achievements of all below.

  • PhD stamp 2014Nick KatuszonekJazz and European identities, in practice (drums) and criticism. (Practice as research.) Co-supervisor: Prof Tony Wyton, Music. Nick is a professional improvising drummer, and teaches drumming at Leeds College of Music. (Submitted, awaiting viva.)
  • Lloyd PetersMedia Practice and New Approaches to Mise-en-Scène and Auteur Theory in Broadcast Radio (PhD by Published Work: portfolio of BBC Radio 4 plays as author + critical thesis. Staff candidate). Lloyd is Senior Lecturer in Media and Performance at Salford. (Minor corrections currently being worked on.)
  • Deborah Gabriel (Salford, 2014). African Caribbean Bloggers in the UK: Alternative Voices on the Web. Co-supervisors: Dr Yu-wei Lin, then Dr Michael Goddard, Media. Deborah is a lecturer, researcher and journalist. She is founder of Black British Academics, as well as an Ambassador for the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement. (Minor corrections currently being worked on.)
  • Tom Sykes (Salford, 2014). Jazz for the iPod Generation: Music Distribution, Festivals, and Digital Technology. Co-supervisor: Prof Tony Whyton, Music. Tom is Lecturer in Music at Liverpool Community College. He is also a violinist and piano player. (Completed and awarded.)
  • Everette Ndlovu (Salford, 2014). The Role of Diasporean Media in Social Change in Zimbabwe. Co-supervisor: Prof Seamus Simpson, Media Policy. Everette currently teaches media theory and production in several Manchester Further and Higher Education institutions. (Completed and awarded.)
  • PhD stampMary Oliver (Salford, 2013). The Digital Performer: Performance, Technology, and New Performance Paradigms (PhD by Published Work: portfolio of live performances as performer + critical thesis. Staff candidate). Mary was Reader in Performance at Salford, and took up a new Chair as Head of Media at Manchester Metropolitan University shortly after her viva. (Completed and awarded.)
  • Ira Yusof (Salford, 2013). The English Premier League in Malaysia: The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Media Industry and Football Fandom. Co-supervisor: Prof Garry Crawford, Sociology. Ira is a lecturer in media at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. (Completed and awarded.)