Academic Conference Connected Communities

Soundings and Findings conference, UEA, 30 June-2 July, programme

S&F conf prog & name badgeTuesday 30th June

15.00-17.00 Registration                                                    Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

20.00-22.00 Conference reception and dinner            Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts –Modern Life Cafe           

Wednesday 1st July

9.00-9.30             Registration                                             Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Teas & Coffees

9.30-9.45             Welcome & introductions                    Elizabeth Fry (EF) 01.08

  • Prof George McKay, Connected Communities Leadership Fellow, UEA
  • Sue Hanshaw, Arts & Humanities Research Council

9.45-11.00             Keynote lecture 1                                 EF 01.08

What do we do when we don’t agree: Making divergent ways of knowing come alive in Connected Communities projects. Prof Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield

11.15-13.15             Panels 1-3

  1. Politics of Community Development: Past, Present and Future in North East England     EF 01.10
  • Sarah Banks, Durham University
  • Judith Green, St James Centre for Culture and Heritage, Benwell, Newcastle
  • Mary Brydon-Miller, University of Cincinnati, USA
  1. Rethinking Cultural Participation and Value Queens 01.11
  • Andrew Miles, University of Manchester
  • Lisanne Gibson, University of Leicester
  • Delyth Edwards, University of Leicester
  1. Reflecting on the Connected Communities Programme EF 1.01
  • Peter Matthews, University of Stirling and
  • Janice Astbury, Durham University: ‘The who, what, why, when and where of evaluation’
  • Bryony Enright, University of Bristol: ‘Finding your place in the academy: Exploring different orientations towards interdisciplinarity and collaborative research amongst Early Career Researchers’

13.15-14.15             Lunch                                                 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

14.15-15.45             Panels and workshops 4-6

  1. Toolkits                                                             EF 1.01
  • Arthi Manohar, Glasgow School of Art and
  • Paul Smith, Glasgow School of Art: ‘Owls of Creative Evaluation’
  • Simon Popple, University of Leeds and
  • Danny Callaghan, Ceramic City Stories and
  • Paul Duffy, University of Leeds: ‘Tools you can trust? Co-design in community heritage work’

Chair: Mike Wilson, Loughborough University

  1. Rituals and Research Bricolage Rediscovered: Crossing Disciplines and Co-Producing Knowledge EF 01.10
  • Margaret Greenfields, Buckinghamshire New University
  • Searle Kochberg, University of Portsmouth
  • Tess Josephs, community partner
  • Joel Korm, community partner
  1. Communities, Humanities, Identities             EF 01.05
  • Josie McLellan, University of Bristol: ‘Are we nearly there yet? Co-production and the practice of academic history’
  • Hugh Escott & Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield: ‘Re-reading the loss: exploring the intersections of ethnography and poetry from the Language as Talisman project’
  • Anne Goulding, Newcastle University: ‘The role of cultural engagement in fostering resilience in older people’

15.45-16.15            Coffee/tea                                           Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

16.15-17.15             Focus panels and papers 7-9

  1. Co-Producing Music, Writing and Film: Revisiting Transmitting Musical Heritage project EF 01.05
  • John Ball, University of Sheffield
  • Tony Bowring, Arts on the Run
  • Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield
  1. Developing a Co-Inquiry Group of Young Adults with Learning Disabilities on Resilience: Methods, Opportunities, Challenges                              EF 1.01
  • Anne Rathbone, University of Brighton
  • Domini Steele, community partner and co-researcher
  • Mikey Reynolds, community partner and co-researcher
  • Connel McGloughlin, Arts Connect volunteer
  1. Food and the More-Than-Human                         Queens 01.11
  • Emma Roe, University of Southampton: ‘Becoming ecological citizens: connecting people through performance art, food matter and practices’
  • Michelle Bastian, Edinburgh College of Art: ‘Participatory Research and more-than-human communities’

uea logoThursday 2nd July

9.15-9.45             Registration                                             Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Teas & Coffees

9.45-11.00             Keynote lecture 2                                                EF 01.08

Unbound! Creative Citizens and the productivity conundrum Professor Ian Hargreaves, Cardiff University. Chair: George McKay

11.15-13.15             Panels 10-12

  1. Affirming Dissensus: Utopia, Art, and Community EF 01.08
  • Richard D. Steadman-Jones, University of Sheffield
  • David M. Bell, University of Nottingham
  • Jessica Dubow, University of Sheffield
  1. Space and Stage                                                 EF 01.05
  • Nick Nourse, University of Bristol: ‘The Enhancing Know Your Place project’
  • Clare Rishbeth, University of Sheffield: ‘Visibilities and vulnerabilities of sitting outside: narrating benches as contested micro-publics’
  • Ann Light, Northumbria University: ‘Staging community engagement as a co-learning tool’
  1. Co-Productions                                                 EF 01.10
  • David Leat, Newcastle University: ‘Co-Curate: educational accountability as a brake on co-production’
  • Martyn Hudson, Newcastle University: ‘Digital social machines, knowledge co-production and theoretical practice

13.15-14.15             Lunch                                      Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

13.30-14.00            Grab a sandwich and come and hear Tamar Millen, ex-Community Media Association, showcasing and discussing extracts from the Connected Communities Media Collection: Connected Communities Media Collection showcase and discussion

14.15-15.45             Panels and workshops 13-15

  1. Re-Imagining Co-Production                         EF 01.05
  • Liz Pente, University of Huddersfield
  • Milton Brown, Community Partner
  • Sarah Banks, Durham University
  • Angie Hart, University of Brighton
  • Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield
  1. Becoming Inexpert                                     EF 01.08
  • Phil Jones, University of Birmingham
  • Beth Perry, University of Salford
  • Carenza Lewis, Cambridge University
  1. A Pair of Papers, on Ways of Collaborating EF 01.10           
  • Candice Satchwell, UCLan: ‘“Have you done a risk assessment?” Bringing collaborative research into the university’
  • Margaret Somerville, University of Western Sydney: ‘Connected Communities in Australia, UK and the UN’

15.45-16.15             Coffee/tea                                          Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

16.15-17.15             Focus panels and papers 16-18

  1. Culturally Mapping Legacies: How Stories and Maps Connect  EF 01.08
  • Karen Smyth, UEA
  • Rik Martin, Community Action Norfolk
  1. Resilience Promotion Through Communities of Practice: Methodology, Methods and Preliminary Findings                                                                EF 01.05
  • Angie Hart, University of Brighton
  • Ceri Davies, University of Brighton
  • Scott Dennis, Boingboing Social Enterprise
  • Lisa Buttery, University of Brighton
  1. 18. Leapfrog and Other Actions Moving Between Design Theory and Practice     EF 01.10                                  
  • Leon Cruickshank, Lancaster University
  • Roger Whitham, Lancaster University
  • Gemma Coupe, Lancaster University

17.15             End of conference. Thanks for coming. See you next time. Your place?

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