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hymn album release, This Ghostly Aura

I am so pleased to announce a little musical light (?) during COVID-19 lockdown! One of the bands I play in has just released an album. The band is the trio hymn, in an augmented line-up:

The album is called This Ghostly Aura. It consists of a composition by Chris, in several parts, interwoven with improvisations, both melodic and free. It was recorded live in Norwich at a concert in 2019. You can hear it by clicking below, and you can buy and download it (supporting musicians during lockdown) for only £5.

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hymn + guests concert fotos

A lovely gig with Chris Dowding’s trio hymn last week in Norwich, part of a new concert series of improvised music called Camouflage, made special by two factors: the premiere of a long newly-composed piece by Chris called ‘this ghostly aura’, and the presence of two guests, turntablist/sound artist Graham Dunning and the wonderful violinist and bicycle wheel-player Sylvia Hallett. (I’d first seen Sylvia at the legendary old railway club was it venue of the London Musicians’ Collective c. 1985.) Below are a few photos of the band in action taken by All About Jazz critic John Sharpe, from his Twitter feed, with thanks.