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Crassonics & the Crass font: a typographical experiment

As part of my curious return to punk rock, I am currently researching and writing a piece about anarcho-punk for a collection provisionally called Sonic Contestations of Nuclear Power. Partly it is about how the inexpressibility of nuclear destruction was overcome, the vision articulated, in punk rock and following music. I am thinking in particular of Crass, of course, and not only of the music and sound (yes, ‘crassonics’), but also the visual, including the typography. The Crass font is one of the two great typographical contributions of punk rock. It occurred to me that a certain other experience of ‘inexpressibility’ or of alienation might be captured were I to attempt to produce a piece of academic writing about anarcho-punk in the Crass font. So…. Crass font 1

Crass font 2

Crass font 3

Crass font 4

Crass font 5

Crass font 6