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Europe Jazz Network conference, Ljubljana

I presented findings from The Impact of Festivals and CHIME projects to a workshop group of European jazz promoters, festival directors and journalists  at the annual EJN conference in Ljubljana at the weekend. Ljubljana is a wonderful city I’d last visited in about 1982, as a post-punk student hitching around Europe, when it was still part of the communist state of Yugoslavia. 

I could see people writing down and taking photos of the final slide in my short presentation, so I thought it would be worth putting that one up here. It originates in a discussion as part of CHIME at last year’s 12 Points Festival in San Sebastian. We were exploring with other European jazz cultural workers ways of keeping the festival-style event fresh and exciting, and I  wrote down as many of the key ideas and suggestions people there were articulating as I could. I’ve discussed the ideas of this slide on Jazz (festival) futures also in 2017 at our CHIME conference in Siena and at the 5th Rhythm Changes conference in Amsterdam. What are you ideas? Do share—I’ll add them to the slide!