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Radical Gardening reviews round-up 2011

A late flurry of reviews in November and December has convinced me that I need to share with my reading (… purchasing …) public a round-up of reviews the book has had since its publication in May—and to do so here on the front page of the website. After all, it’s a big book-selling season and, like all writers, I do desire readers, especially of the book-buying variety … (If you are doing a Buy Nothing Xmas this year you can borrow a copy from your local library perhaps, or recommend they stock a copy.) So here are single lines from some of the most important UK and US reviews of the year. (Further reviews, extracts and links to full text are here.)

Independent On Sunday, Books of the Year: ‘A fascinating and erudite history’

The Guardian, Gardening Books of the Year:  ‘hugely thought-provoking’

Daily Telegraph: ‘this book is compelling … a highly original history’

Times Higher Education: ‘a bravura account … a truly important book’

The Scotsman: ‘if you’ve been labouring under the delusion that gardening is a staid suburban pastime, this is the book that will change your mind’

The Nowtopian: ‘fantastic, in-depth … a gorgeous, highly readable, and very provocative contribution’

Publishers’ Weekly: ‘a richly-detailed guide’

Library Journal: ‘an eye-opening alternative study … highly recommended’

RIBA Journal: ‘inspiring cultural gallop through an alternative history of green in the city’

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