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Gee Vaucher, panel discussion at Introspective exhibition, 1 December

Gee Vaucher: Introspective – Panel Discussion
1 December 2016, 7pm
Firstsite Gallery, Colchester

Come join us for a panel discussion of the work of anarchist artist Gee Vaucher (starting perhaps with shall / can we even call her an ‘anarchist artist’?). 

Organised by Stevphen Shukaitis, co-curator of the exhibition, with support from the University of Essex, Centre for Work, Organization, and Society.

Rebecca Binns, London College of Communication
George McKay, University of East Anglia
Brandon Taylor, Winchester School of Art 
Stevphen Shukaitis, University of Essex.

Gee will be present and, in her words, ‘stirring the soup’. Further information, including tickets, here. You can read what I wrote about her work for the exhibition in my essay in the catalogue, available here.

This is one of a number of events connected with the exhibition: 

  • 11 November: Opening party
  • 19-20 November Letterpress print workshops with the Print Project
  • 24 November: Screening of Vaucher’s film Angel & discussion
  • 25 November: “I Am Yet I Am Not” performance by Penny Rimbaud
  • 26 November Book making workshop with Pandora Vaughan
  • 1 December: Panel discussion of Vaucher’s work with George McKay, Rebecca Binns, Brandon Taylor, and Stevphen Shukaitis
  • 2 December: A Room of Worlds, Eve Libertine & Charles Webber opera performance
  • 3-4 December Letterpress workshops with the Print Project
  • 13 January, Penny Rimbaud reads the poetry of Wilfred Owen
  • 14-15 January, Monoprint workshops with Eve Libertine & Pandora Vaughan
  • 28-29 January Film Workshop for Young Women.

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