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Cultural Studies with a soundtrack? Meaning?

Well, or cultural politics, with a focus on popular music, but drawing on media studies, and a bit of post-subculture, and cultural disability studies, in what I have to view as an energising interdisciplinarity.

The point of this website is to publicise all my books and other projects, as well as offer links to other sites I think interesting and relevant, esp. campaign and advocacy ones. I am adding basic material about my books over the next few weeks, as well as new pages, e.g. on festivals, gardening, disability, punk maybe, media research, etc.

5 replies on “Cultural Studies with a soundtrack? Meaning?”

I will have to find some photos of the band we were in together, the Last Blast, Norwich mid-80s. No Martin of course you are not the PA–he knows who he is! I remember as a boy being with you and Mike Skulski in the 1970s at his house in North Creake listening to you two cranking up the 4X12 stacks with your guitars, and wishing I could play an instrument.

I’ve got a preference for the personal side of your blog, I’ll need to read Senseless Acts again now. I don’t think I’m the prize asshole but I probably wouldn’t realise if I was, hi anyway :o)

I like the pictures, especially the one of you at Glastonbury! However, I think it would be good if the bar at the top with the photo continually changed photographs, but only if this is possible… <3

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