Keynote Radical gardening

Marabouparken lecture, Stockholm, April 23rd, 6 pm

Just confirmed, a lecture as part of an exhibition at the Marabouparken Art Gallery in Sundyberg, Stockholm, in April:

Marabouparken logoOn Invasive Grounds

Katja Aglert

22 February–19 June

In the exhibition On Invasive Grounds, artist Katja Aglert explores some of the ideas related to the widespread notion of a lost natural, primordial state, characterised by harmony and balance, which we strive to re-establish. The exhibition traces the human hand in the proliferation of artificial light, explores the Arctic of male myths and the flora of the World Heritage site of Suomenlinna in neon-based work and video installations. Eventually a completely different idea about the earth’s original state emerges: a world that has always been, and continues to be, in perpetual flux, a world characterised by constant interaction between animals, nature and human beings, the latter of which may be regarded as the earth’s most invasive species.

As part of the program related to the exhibition …

George McKay gives a lecture based on his book Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden of how parks and gardens were favored locations for alternative, radical cultures like music festivals, the peace movement and various kinds of political activism. McKay is a professor in Cultural Studies at Salford University in England. George says:

Marabouparken is a wonderful place to be talking—with its links with the Bourneville garden city movement and Cadbury’s, around a Swedish chocolate factory and green spaces for the workers. I’m hugely looking forward to visiting.

Chocolate factory workers relaxing in the Marabouparken, c. 1950s
Chocolate factory workers relaxing in the Marabouparken, c. 1950s